What is a Zoned Air Conditioning System

Often in a home or office, certain rooms cool or heat better than others. A zoned HVAC system allows you to balance and control the temperature of each room individually. It works by using a series of motorized dampers and thermostats that work independently and allow each room to be a different temperature. Zoning can eliminate temperature issues inside and can also help to cut energy use by as much as 25%.

Benefits of Zoned Air Conditioning Systems


Increased comfort

If all rooms are heated or cooled to the same temperature, each person will be comfortable and no room will ever be too hot or too cold.

Energy efficient

By picking which room to cool or heat, you no longer have to cool or heat the entire home or building if certain rooms are not being used.

Increased control

You have the control to pick and choose which rooms you want to heat and cool, and this will save you money.

How do Zoned Air Conditioning Systems Work?

First, zone controlled systems divide a home or building into areas with common heating and cooling needs. The airflow is controlled in each area by a separate thermostat. The system sends heated or cooled air only into the zones that are needed, and not the entire property. This will keep your energy use down and will keep your monthly bills lower.

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