Air Purification

Indoor Air Quality Is A Serious Issue

Did you know that both the EPA and Congress describe indoor air pollution as America’s largest environmental health problem? And the scary thing is, indoor air quality can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. This is a serious problem that can cause issues not only with your HVAC system, but with your health. Poor indoor air quality has been tied to symptoms like fatigue, headaches, allergies, rashes, trouble sleeping and irritation to the eyes, throat, lungs and nose.

3 Types of Indoor Air Pollutants

There are 3 main sources of indoor air pollutants: particulates, gasses and microbials.

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Particulates, or Particulate Matter, are tiny pollutants suspended in the air that you breathe in. Common particulates include residential pollen, dust, dirt, soot, smoke, Ingesting particulate matter will make you sick, and is known to be especially rough on children and the elderly. But the good news is that these particulates can be removed from the air by filtration. Air filters are the most effective tool, but you need to make sure you are using the right filter for your system.

As you can see from the chart, air filters differ in effectiveness as they can trap different size particulates. JW East Mechanical recommends Aprilaire air purification technologies


Microbials are micro-sized organisms that exist in single-cell form. Examples of these are bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, spores, and mold. If these microbials are inside your home and you are constantly breathing them in, they have the ability to do serious damage to your health, and can cause everyday illness like the flu.

To properly remove microbials from your home, we recommend the RGF’s Guardian Air. It is a proactive system that sends ionized aggressive advanced oxidizers into the room to destroy pollutants at the source. It has the ability to eliminate harmful pollutants in the air and also on surfaces before they reach you or your family.
Guardian Air is installed as part of your home’s central heating and cooling system, completely out of your way and out of sight. That means each time your system runs, the Guardian Air produces naturally-occurring oxidizers that travel through the conditioned air space in your home or office and kills bacteria, viruses, mold, gasses and odors.


Gasses are another harmful element that are commonly found inside the home. Benzene, formaldehyde, chloroform, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia are released from furniture, cabinets, carpets, cleaning chemicals, copy machines, insulation, insect sprays, hair sprays, among many other things. If you are not taking the extra step to remove these harmful pollutants from your home, you will get sick. And the best solution to remove these is by using the RGF Guardian Air. It is the only proactive system that aggressively kills odors and gasses.