You might assume that commercial HVAC systems are just bigger versions of residential ones. And while that’s true, there are many more differences between residential and commercial heating and AC systems, and the ways of installing and maintaining them will be different as well.

Commercial units are often placed on the roof because commercial properties don’t have much exterior space on the ground that isn’t devoted to parking. Roof placement reduces noise pollution from the units inside the building and minimizes disruption to the business when HVAC maintenance and repair are needed.

Unlike residential systems, commercial HVAC systems for larger businesses usually connect multiple units inside the building to one unit outside. This is called a multi-split system, and it saves quite a bit of space. It also streamlines management of the indoor units. However, more piping is required, which will likely increase the cost of a commercial HVAC system.

At JW East Mechanical, we have experience with the add-on functions like compressors or evaporators that commercial systems have, depending on the purpose of the facilities. Schools, restaurants, and hospitals all have different HVAC needs for installation, maintenance, and repairs. Oilfields, construction sites, schools and churches often use temporary buildings, and these require specialized modular units; we have years of experience with modular HVAC systems.

There are many more factors to consider in choosing a commercial HVAC system than there are for home heating and air conditioning. The size of the commercial space, the design of the building, the number of different spaces inside the building and the purpose of those spaces, the air quality and energy efficiency of the building, and the local climate are all factors to consider. A school with multiple interior spaces both large and small will require a very different HVAC system than a convention hall or a manufacturing facility.

Maintenance on commercial systems is more complex and needs to be done more frequently than residential systems. Proper maintenance will save your business money by reducing energy costs, avoiding emergency repair bills, and minimizing downtime and lost productivity that occur when an HVAC system breaks down. Regular maintenance also ensures that your system operates efficiently and lasts as long as possible, so you don’t have to install a new system until you’re ready.

We’ve installed, serviced, and repaired commercial HVAC systems of all types from Oklahoma to south Texas to Louisiana. Our licensed technicians have the skills and experience to provide the services for this essential aspect of your business.


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